Dave has been talking about this HaluÅ¡ky dish that he recently had at a friend’s house. Small potato dumplings similar to gnocchi, mixed with sauerkraut. Looks like one of the few places in New York to find HaluÅ¡ky is at Ukrainian East Village Restaurant …just like it was one of the few places to find Chicken Kiev in my Don Draper phase.

The dumplings were much bigger than what Dave had. These were hand formed. I understand they’re often made through a strainer.

The dumplings sat there bathing in a pool of melted butter, topped with sauerkraut and bacon. Kind of bland at first, but after much salt and pepper, it was some buttery gut filling food.

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant – 140 2nd Ave (btwn 9th St & St Marks) New York 10003

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