Went to Brokelyn‘s Spring Gala party last week at Public Assembly. Brooklyn Taco Company set up shop there. I was a little skeptical because it was $4 for one taco and who are these young non-Mexican’s making tacos? …But then I saw that brisket meat stewing in the pot. Dang. It was actually pretty good. I should stop being prejudice against non-Mexican taco makers. It’s racist against hipsters.

Check out brooklyntaco.com to see where they’re serving up.

I walked up behind Ryan when they were giving away the 3-day Greenpoint Coworking office space raffle. I told him I was going to win it. A second later, they called my name. I can’t believe I wasted my visualization on winning more work. Maybe I can food blog it.

Really weird thing happened later. I started talking to this girl who won something right after me. She gave me her card later in the night and I Google image searched her. Oh shit. I came up as the first image and I was wearing a fake stache from a year ago. I don’t know what to do. I’m hesitant to email her about it, because I’d be admitting to Internet stalking. But I guess I just did.

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