I went to a Nespresso event at the Nespresso Boutique in Soho. A really chic looking place. They were showing off their new Pixie espresso machine. The thing is ready to squirt you out some as quick as 25 seconds from pluggin it in. That sounds crazy.

What’s crazy is they didn’t cut me off after drinking so many espressos. Plus they gave me a bunch of food that had espresso in it. The guacamole had espresso in it. Even a mojito with espresso, which was surprisingly good. I was doing shots and double shots of #10’s and 9’s (intensity level). I rarely drink coffee, so I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. I think I must’ve had the equivalent of eight espressos in a two hour period. Then as I was walking out, everyone was trying to get me to eat candy.

What happens when you drink eight espressos? I remember harassing the Nespresso Boutique employees with a bunch of questions about stuff (I don’t remember if it was about coffee), I went home and listened to the same song on repeat for 30 minutes and was in the bathroom until 4am. At least the espressos tasted good.

TV’s Ted Allen hosted the event and British pop singer, Pixie Lott performed a lovely acoustic set. I was so buzzed, they probably thought I was a crackhead that walked in from the street.

Pixie Lott was great. I just wish they cut me off at the Nesp... on Twitpic

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  1. PIPPO

    FOR A TOTAL HIGH; chug a lug a teaspoon of pure El Pico Espresso powder, with a shot of cold milk! And voooom!


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