Matt Gill and I had take out from Main Noodle House when we were at his studio. I got the Beef Stew Noodle Soup and he got the Wonton Noodle Soup. They came in separate containers to keep the broth separate from the noodles and wonton. I was impressed in my own weird way that they used pretty bad cuts of beef or in other words, more authentic Chinese cuts of beef. The Wonton soup broth tasted better.

I suppose I like how Main Noodle House isn’t so much of a standard Chinese take out spot. They have a few Chinese-Chinese menu items like Roast Duck, Chinese Sausage and Fish.

Main Noodle House – 1011 6th Ave (@ W 38th St) New York 10018

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  1. Ky Foley

    Oh my goodness I’ll be sure to stop by this place next time I’m in the city. Looks delicious thanks so much for sharing! =]


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