In exchange for an East Met West Chinese Take Out Calendar, Ryan sent me some hot sauces from a Florida flea market. The little Alligator toy scared me when I opened the package. I’ve had Rectal Rocket Fuel before. Very easy pour. Sweet, thick Caribbean flavor. Has been working the best with the now $2.25 Jerk Chicken from 2 Bros Pizza Plus. The Sauce Bitch is nice, thick and sweet with mango, raisins and oranges. Tastes a spicy steak sauce. The Fire Ant Juice is sweet too. Kinda like a sweet, spicy ketchup. I’m sure the honey is sweet too.

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  1. James Shaw

    Good thing the alligator didn’t get your finger. It looks absolutely vicious. 😉
    I’m having a good chuckle at the Rectal Rocket Fuel and the Sauce Bitch. I’m surprised they just didn’t name it Saucy Bitch but maybe there’s one already.

    You’ve got yourself a good haul.


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