I know, it seems like I’m slacking on the food blog. I’ve just been busy with trying to release our new albums and work on my budding film career. So been basically eating shit.

To celebrate my new film, I had a little screening with Natty Lights and Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Did you know Totino’s Three Cheese is $1.60 cheaper than Regular Cheese? …at least at my local C-Town. I was dumbfounded when they scanned them and one was a lot more expensive than the others. I actually thought I got three of the same packs. I felt like a jerk making the guy behind me wait while I swapped out the bag for the cheaper Three Cheese. But I had to. Any red-blooded American would do the same. But can any red-blooded American tell me what Three Cheese is? I think they are different shades of orange and yellow?

And here is my new film in it’s entirety. It’s long, but worth it if you stick it out to the end.
Also Known as Superman –A documentary profile of a strange young man who believes he’s Superman after suffering amnesia.

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  1. Melinda

    After seeing those post, I bought a bag of these over the weekend. They didn’t last me more than one day.


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