My parents took me out for dim sum at Golden Lotus, located in the Wal-Mart Super Center at John Young Parkway. It was their first time there. I ordered the usual.

The food took a long time. But everything was decent except for the rice noodle rolls (rice paste) which looked pretty bad and cold. Perhaps our’s were bum. I saw someone else’s noodle rolls and it looked much better. The duck was lean. Remember when lean was preferred? Orlando doesn’t know fatty duck is in?

When did I become so critical of dim sum? Anyway, it’s good to see a new Chinese/Chinese-American restaurant doing dim sum, especially in Orlando. I don’ t think there’s many.

When we were leaving, we saw Shaquille O’Neal walk into Sally’s Beauty Supplies a few doors down. I waved and his lady friend laughed. Then only ten minutes later, they passed us on the highway. Shit. Shaq, that was quick!

Golden Lotus – 8365 S John Young Pkwy. Orlando, FL 32819

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