I wasn’t planning on doing anything for my birthday, but woke up and decided I wanted to try a dungeness crab. So my friends took me to Chinatown. Hsin Wong was packed and we went to Yee Li a few doors down. I ordered too much food. The dishes here are bigger than they appear in the photos if you’re referencing the scale to the spoon. Those spoons are giant serving spoons.

My favorite was the Fish Fillet with Minced Pork. The waiter insisted we get that instead of the whole fish we wanted, which was $20/lb. So figure that would be around $55. Good call.

The dungeness crab was good. Pretty much like a big crab.

Also ordered my favorites –Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce and Roast Pig. Crispy and fatty skin!

Dan took this amazing shot on his phone. I didn’t know I was a cartoon.

Afterwards, we hit up Winnie’s Bar for some karaoke. It was packed full of white kids like us. I let some wasted chick take pictures with my nice camera, but I don’t think she could figure it out. I don’t see any on my memory card. I asked her how the popcorn was that she was eating from our table. She gave me the stink eye and walked away.

I didn’t know they had a small menu at Winnie’s. Marcellus got some spring rolls. We left a ton of Yee Li leftovers behind the bar. We forgot. I hope they find it.

Yee Li – 1 Elizabeth St (@ Bayard St) New York, NY 10013

The dungeness crabs and lobsters live from the outside of the restaurant. Before I shot this, one of the crabs swam under the jet bubbles and started dancing. I like how they have the two super tiny pinchers from their mouths. Little do they know I’m about to eat them.

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