I forgot to write about this. You may have heard about the drug-ring bust that made national headlines because the dealers were shown on Google Maps Street View. That’s right up the street from me and right next to Good Feathers that I wrote about a year ago. I remember the multiple attempts at eating there and having to walk around the drug dealers. Weren’t they obvious? Look at all those shoes on the telephone line. I guess new luxury condos in the area makes the case to finally crack down on them.

Well I guess it’s safer to get chicken now, but I haven’t seen them open the times I’ve walked by.

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  1. Evan

    Spoke to Lorenzo at the bodega. He closed. Said it was too much work for him. It’s a shame. Loved that chicken.

  2. tio wally

    In L.A. the shoes hanging from telephone/power lines signifies the death of a fellow gang member.

  3. myrikal whipz

    yo! those are my boyzzz!@!@! str8 f-ck da man!!!!!~~~~~


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