This link below is an interesting read –from the point of view of a young Chinese American working in the Chinese Take Out family business for 12 of his child/teenage years.

Luckily for myself, I only had to work a few years at one of my parents’ restaurants down in Florida. It was a different scene there. My craziest memory is when I worked with my best friend Bill Brown at our drive-thru spot.  He thought it was always funny to talk back on the intercom without his finger on the Talk button between dialogue. Like “(on) Okay, you want Sweet & Sour Chicken (off) Idiot (on) and Shrimp Fried Rice (off) Dumbfuck. But then one time his finger was still on the Talk button. The guy yelled “What the hell did you call me?”, sped up to the front and slammed the door open. He was a huge big black guy …not that his color matters, but it kinda did. The one time Bill fucks up due to horsing around, it just had to be this giant guy. Bill thought quick and said he was calling me an idiot, not him. I thought we were about to be murdered.

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  1. myrikal whipz

    yooooo that was my cousin!~!~!~~~ nicca told me dat story way way back^^ shoulda busted yo assss-_-_-_-_

  2. thechickenlover

    Mhmm…I’m sort of picking up a prevalent macho male tone throughout that article. Some of it even seemed to come off as bragging…

    Still, I can’t say that would be an easy job for anyone. I’d imagine if you have an accent and speak a little English, you get treated even worse by customers.


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