The New York Times called Rhong-Tiam’s Pork on Fire a “contender for spiciest dish in the city”. They recently opened up an Rhong-Tiam Express in my work area of the Flatiron District, focusing on Thai take-out, roti wraps and fruit juices.

I went there to get the Pork on Fire ($13). The people there were really nice. Now for the bad news. I didn’t think it was spicy at all. It was strange. I could see the spices and peppers in it, but couldn’t taste anything in my mouth except for the heavy soy sauce-flavored sauce. My head did have a nice cooling sweat, but I still couldn’t taste the heat. I don’t think I’m a tough guy with a high tolerance for spiciness, so this is very strange. Is my tongue dead? Does Express not deliver the heat? Are the NYTimes pussies?

Looks like the Amatuer Gourmet thought it was spicy. I think my tongue is dead. Anyone else tried this? Do I make this dish sound less intimidating or not daring enough?

Rhong-Tiam Express – 31 E 21st St (btwn Broadway & Park Ave) New York 10010

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