I was walking around trying to find a quick bite near the Bowery Ballroom before Darren’s show. This was really the only thing I could find –the Chinese cart guy on Grand and Bowery. The menu is written all in Chinese. I wasn’t sure he spoke English, but he did and showed me what he had left –Beef Tripe, Stewed Pork Skin, Fish Balls and Rice Crepe Noodles. I got the Beef Tripe with Noodles ($2.50). He topped it off with different juices and spicy cock sauce.

There were different textures going on here. Bits of beef attached to crunchy/snappy & chewy tendons, stuff that’s like a coral reef (stomach lining) and spongy pieces that squirted out liver-flavored juices at every bite. It was definitely the most interesting beef tripe I’ve eaten. Maybe second best to the tripe I had in the Flushing Golden Mall. I didn’t expect myself to swallow this whole tripe, but somehow managed to finish it all. It’s best not to think about it.

Chinese Cart Man – North East corner of Grand St & Bowery. NYC 10002

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