This party was awesome. Thank you all for coming and sharing your lovely chili.

Best Chili-Inspired Side Dish – Vanessa Thorpe’s Jalapeño & Bacon Skillet Cornbread
Best Meat Chili – Sam Jayne’s Pork Belly & Chicken Chili
Best Vegetarian Chili – Joel Shaughnessy’s Habanero Pumpkin Beer Vegetarian Chorizo and Bacon Chili
The People’s Choice Chili Trophy – Susanna Knoblauch’s Bavarian Pretzels (Our cook-offs may be the only cook-off where a pretzel will win best chili)

Thank you to Marcellus Hall, Miguel Mendez, Sam Jayne, Justice of the Unicorns and The Traveling Band for the great music.

…Here’s the Traveling Band with Chili Champ Joel filling in on drums. The Traveling Band is here from London and will be performing at Spike Hill (Brooklyn) Tues Oct 19th 5pm and Saturday Oct 23rd at Lakeside Lounge (NYC) at 7pm, coincidentally right before Marcellus Hall.

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  1. Nickie

    Ah so mad I missed this…but I could not convince my friends to hit up both a chili cook-off and the zombie-con in one day.


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