Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen the Steak Truck in our hood on Park Ave and 23rd St. It’s normally a Midtown thing. No one seemed to care. A couple of guys looking for Pepsi ended up getting Cokes. That was about it.

I ordered the Habanero Steak Sandwich. The nice cook asked me if I wanted it super spicy. Sure, whatever that means. He charged me $5 even though the menu said $6. It was probably the spiciest sandwich someone else has ever made for me. My lips were burning and chapped afterwards. Like a Philly Cheesesteak with Velveeta cheese and hot green sauce.

That on their truck doesn’t work. And according to Midtown Lunch, it hasn’t in three years.

All that green from the truck and the sandwich sorta matched my new K-Swiss Tubes. It was fitting that I was going to see Kenny Powers at the Apple Store that night.

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