I kept seeing the signs all around White Castle for the Garlic Cheese Saver Sacks $2.99 special, but there were no pictures. I didn’t know what they were, but I finally went to find out. I thought they’d be fried garlic cheese sticks or something weird, but the menu inside showed it’s Garlic Cheese over 2 chicken ring sliders or 2 mushroom beef sliders or 3 regular beef sliders. I went with the latter. Not a bad deal with fries and a drink included. Turns out to be melted cheese with some minced garlic on it. Coincidentally, I just bought a huge jar of minced garlic in oil. I guess I could have made it myself.

It was pretty tasty. Garlicky and more interesting than a regular slider. But I still think their winner is the Jalapeño Cheese Sliders …FTW!

Look how giant their straws are. This straw is all the way down to the bottom of the cup!

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  1. Kim Jong Il

    Man. I used to hit WC like crazy when I was young. Started off with 8 sliders when I was in junior high. Early 30s, still hit about 5 silders. Even until I turned mid 30s I was all in on WCs. Now that I passed 40, for some reason I lost the taste for it. Same with Taco Smell.

    I think my body is finally saying no after years abuse. I hit Taco Smell today and threw up in their bathroom.

    Enjoy while you’re young. I love your adventurous eating style! I wish there was food blogs when i was younger.

  2. Kim Jong Il

    BTW, my experience with WC has been their promotional sliders with limited edition toppings is always a fail. I can count how many time they lured me with jalepeno, different cheeses, tomato, etc. Their classic slider or cheese slider (ask for pickles) is the best.

  3. otaku

    @ Kim Jong: Depends on the person. I know 40-50 year olds who can still eat Harold’s chicken but I’m 24 and I hate going to mcdonalds compared to the other people my age group (along with my bf who’s in his 20s as well.)

    The only thing I can still eat when I used to as a kid is White castle and chinese food. Burger king, mcdonalds, etc. no more.

    I really never grew into Taco bell and used to eat there when I was on my 30 lunch at work since it was right across the street but only got the cheap menu and those dessert thingies :3

  4. otaku

    Also depends on the WC; the one near my grandmother’s house is fail on so many reasons I cannot mention but the one that’s around my house on 70s is decent if not ghetto and slow. You always see drunks/homeless people/ghetto people on the phone/etc. there but it’s still good food. I can’t eat spicy stuff so I just get the garlic or bacon sliders or regular cheese saver sacks (I argue with the cashier a lot on why they only have certain ones.)

    The cheese fries are better than almost any cheese fries I had in my city with the exception of this hispanic grill place way out there that’s been open for 40+ years.


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