Ross is getting married and we had a bachelor dinner for him at Les Halles (Downtown), known for Anthony Bourdain. I had the Planche de Grillades for one (lamb chop, hanger steak, merguez, steak, thick cut bacon, french fries, roasted tomatoes, provençal dressing; $28). That’s quite a sampler platter. I liked all my meat except one steak was a lot better the other steak (the one that comes with the Steak Frites). That steak (of the Steak Frites) is not that good. I asked for a side of béarnaise sauce for my fries. Yeah, that’s good.

The restaurant is sort of underwhelming for being associated with Anthony Bourdain, but very affordable for a New York steakhouse.

Brasserie Les Halles – 15 John St (btwn Broadway & Nassau St) New York, NY 10038

Congratulations Ross & Rebecca! …BTW, here’s the Michael Bay version of the meal, using the Michael Bayifier.

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    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      I suppose that pic is hard to see. There’s two missing and the others look like small black globs. I liked them. I remember I was trying to describe them to a friend that night what it tastes like. I think I said a cross between a clam and liver? Like squid, but more tender? Drowned in oil. Something like that.

    • Bonnie

      Once there was a snail who was tired of being slow. He bought a really fast sports car and painted a big ‘S’ on it. So whenever someone sees him zoom by in his new car, they say, “Hey, look at that S-car go!”

  1. TT

    I am pretty sure Bourdain only worked at the Park Avenue South location.

    nice meatastic meal!

  2. Kim Jong Il

    Just out of curiosity, is Ross getting married to Christian? The picture gives off that vibe. We don’t have that here in N. Korea.


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