I was looking at the menu on the side of this Korean cart and thought the Bugolgi Bowl looked really good. I got that -$6 with white rice. The server was Latino and the guy dealing the money looked Italian. Not that they aren’t allowed to make Korean food, but I wonder how they’ll fare against all the Asians around the corner on Korea Way serving Korean food. My guess is that they’d do better away from that street.

The Bugolgi Bowl didn’t quite look like the photo, but in a white styrofoam container. The guy scooped a ton of the juice in there. It was pretty much soup with rice and beef. Tastes alright, just soupy. It isn’t until now that I realize that the bugolgi photo on the cart is a photo I took from KOFOO. Maybe that’s why I thought it looked so good. They tricked me …or I tricked me!

Boki Korean Food Cart – 5th Ave between 32nd & 31st St. NYC 10016
…I see UltraClay just wrote about this cart the other day. His looks less soupy.

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  1. UltraClay

    Yeh, I didn’t get the soup, I got the Bulgogi non-bowl, which I guess means not soup. I’m curious to see where they go with the cart, but generally, I agree that if they’re going to not have amazing Korean food, maybe they should move further from Koreatown – alternately, maybe in Ktown there’s enough of a demand, particularly for quick, to-go Korean, that they’ll do well.

  2. Kim Jong Il

    This looks like blend bad bulgogi made by very bad cooking korean wife. The kind of wife who does not care about the vitality of her husband.


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