I have issues. I’m not a fan of crowds and lines. How to avoid these things to get a pizza from the new Eataly that opened a few doors away from my work? Thank god they have a take out counter at their back entrance on 24th St away from the mob. I even went early at 11:20am, because there is a small lunch crowd that forms when I usually walk by.

I ordered the Maruzzella Pizza (mozzarella, tomato sauce, anchovies, black olives and fresh basil $14). Close to $18 after tax and tip. Is it customary to tip the guy for dealing with me less than ten seconds? It looked like he almost handed me the pizza on its side for a second. Credit cards only and you’ll see that fill-in line for the tip. The pizza took about 8mins to make. I was the only one at the take-out counter, but I could see the chefs cooking for other people inside.

Wow, I couldn’t believe how cold and soggy the pizza was when I brought it back. I would say about 5 mins had passed from walking a few doors down and snapping a few pics. Mostly soggy in the middle. Everything kept falling apart. Mario Batali says wait 2mins to let it set before you eat a Neapolitan pizza. I waited 5, maybe 8. What happened?

The flavor was good. The anchovies gave it a nice salty punch. Other than that, I think most of the Yelp reviewers are right. It’s a passable pizza at that price. Expensive, but I’d say shareable for two people. 14 inches in diameter. I was exhausted after half of it. Not stuffed, exhausted.

FYI, this is two-weeks after opening. Maybe they are still figuring out the oven? Maybe the aluminum pizza box sucks? Maybe you shouldn’t hand me the pizza on it’s side? Maybe you should To-Stay rather than To-Go? Why is it To-Stay or To-Go? Isn’t it For-Here or To-Go? First time someone asked me that, I thought they were asking if I wanted salt. Rusty taught me a trick. They ask To-Stay? You say, “No, One Steak.” …and there’s my rambling of the day.

Rossopomodoro Pizza @ Eataly (Take Out Counter) – W 24th St near Broadway, New York 11am-9:30pm

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