Bought my reunion Pavement ticket a whole year ago. My favorite band of all time. I didn’t know if I’d ever remember I had a ticket or where it was. Turns out it was right in front of me on my desk this whole time. It’s also funny how I planned to go by myself, but ended up seeing everyone there, including my roommate, bandmate, house guests and my ex …which turned out to be good because she gave me a sweater to wear on my head when it stormed. I also stood behind this actor I recognized, Joey Slotnick. His butt kept touching the beer in my hand. Near the end of the show, I told him I was a fan. He said thanks and walked away before the last song. Now I wonder if he knew I was talking about his acting.

I gotta say, Summer Stage at Central Park did pretty good this year for food vendors. They tapped into the Brooklyn Flea Market and pulled in Asia Dog, Pizza Moto, Red Hook Lobster Rolls and Pupusas from the Red Hook ball fields. I got a cheeseburger ($8) from Sons & Daughters (Marlow & Sons). It was pretty good and I was hungry.

Beers are $6-7. Wine is $9. That’s fairly NY concert prices. Perhaps my friends’ $18 double wines seemed ridiculous because it’s still basically a small cup of cheap wine. Anyway, line is short. But if you want to cheat, you probably could sneak in airplane bottles in your drawers. They only check bags. At the same time, no one is forcing you to drink. Or are they?

Have fun the next two Pavement shows! I don’t think it’s supposed to rain. Crooked Rain.

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