Football has just started up and now my weekends are ruined. Tied up with Gator football on Saturdays and keeping up with my Kenan is Greedy Smurf Fantasy league on Sundays. I found these potato chip snacks at C-Town, shaped like little chicken wings. They had them a few weeks ago, but wasn’t impressed until I saw this bag with a Heat Index of 3 out of 5 …the Nacho Chimichanga. Previously, only Heat Index 1. For Week 1 of the NFL, this is a must have.

They taste alright, similar to BBQ Pringles. Crispy and hollow on the inside. Two thin shells glued together to create the chicken wing shape. I don’t feel the heat. Bring on the 5! Go Tebow!

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  1. Sam Shady

    “Go Tebow?” I think you should make that comment only after you trade me for him.
    Make the trade – it’s fair. Let’s make it happen.


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