I had dinner at the popular vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Kate’s Joint with Laura and Bonnie. I never understood fake meat. For one –if I was veg because I was grossed out by eating a dead animal, why would I want to eat something that’s made to look and taste like it? Two –if it’s for health reasons, I’m not sure this fried, breaded, gravy smothered dish is exactly healthy for me. Yeah, I still don’t understand fake meat, but I still ate it all. They did a pretty good job at making it sorta taste like the said dead animal.

Kate’s Joint – 58 Avenue B (@ 4th St) New York 10009

Speaking of fake dead animal, the Cheese Turtle Burger is circulating all over the fishing and hunting forums. Well it’s not fake meat, but real meat faking another animal. Rusty wants to make one so bad.

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  1. kim

    As a vegetarian, I don’t believe in ‘fake’ meat as well. There’s just no substitions for real meat and the reasons for being a vegetarian is to consume more greens, not to search for a cop-out. At a vegetarian restaurant, I never order anything ‘mock’, I always go for earthy ingredients that are not processed. Places like Kate’s Joint cater people who want to ‘feel’ healthy and to groups of mixed dietary preferences.


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