My burger buddy Matt is about to get married so party time in Atlantic City. It was the bro time of my life. Photos of the non-stupid stuff below. The German Sausage from 7-Eleven was probably the best thing I ate. They had some spicy Indian chili sauce on the toppings bar. It was surprisingly good, but I got my wiener too early. I didn’t know there was a boardwalk full of AC pizza and dog shops around the corner. There’s also a lot of Cash for Gold shops. I understand why people need the cash, but I want to know who goes there to buy the gold?

We stopped at this punching bag booth on our way to Hooters. There was a guy talking shit behind us. I wish I kept shooting when he tried to show off when we were done, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. He took a swing and fell onto the clothing racks and then the ground. His girlfriend was laughing at him. Then he got back up and swung again and only got a 78. I blew it with my camera. It could have been the next Keyboard Cat viral. I still don’t know that is.

We took a gamble on the brunch buffet at Virginia City buffet in the Wild Wild West Casino. The only thing good about that place was the dining room looked like fake country houses. I couldn’t believe we were eating inside a mini house inside a casino building. It seemed so nice outside on the fake porch. Also there’s a coupon for $10 slot credit when you buy a buffet. It’s like trying to win your money back from the buffet you found out you didn’t want to eat. Matt was the big winner at $30 from the coupon credit. Fun times!

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  1. Sam Shady

    I guess 78 is a respectable score if your previous score was falling into two clothing racks.


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