I’m a big fan of the $2 microwavable Trader Joe’s Indian packets. I checked out the new store on 6th Ave and 21st St, grabbed a bunch of those packets and a box of this Thali meal. Basically it’s two of the Indian packets and rice for $4. Serves 2 and seems like a good deal. Easy, just microwave the packets. One of the packets did fall over and spill in the microwave. The Aloo Matar (peas and potatoes) was okay and the Yellow Daal was gross and chalky. I’d stick to the $2 Indian packets. They taste better and are spicy.

Speaking of which, I’ve had the Indian packets for five office days in a row now. I don’t know what my coworkers think when they see me spooning curry from a paper plate. It looks like something out of a baby’s diaper. Today, I was putting it in the microwave and it spilled and splattered onto the counter. It wasn’t pretty.

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