Here’s Burger King’s (branded) King Kolossalz Fries from my grocer’s freezer ($1.99). I thought it was a toy at first. Microwaveable, yet still crispy because of the silver crisper interior lining of the box. Big cut crinkle fries, unlike anything at a Burger King. I think I like this better than regular BK fries, but that doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s good.

Remember years ago, when Burger King came out with “new fries”? I remember being disappointed. Yes, it stayed crisp, but it didn’t tasted right. I like the good ol’ days of hot soggy salty McDonald’s fries. My aunt will feed them to me with ketchup and I’d accidentally bite her fingers. Sadly, I don’t think McDonald’s makes them that way anymore. I wonder. Do people really want crisp fries or they only think they do?

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