We went out to see Ramen & Friends Yoshie & Rob’s new baby Cormac. He’s a little one. He sure likes to watch TV. Apparently he likes True Blood and White Chicks. I can’t wait until we food blog with him.

Sam, Laura and I stopped for tacos on the way out at California Taqueria. The sign says it’s been open for 20 years (since 1990). I keep thinking we’re still in the 90’s. Shit, I’m old. I got what I expected in the combination platter …a pile of slop. Sam noticed it weighed about half of baby Cormac. The food needs a lot of hot sauce to make it taste good. Luckily they have several kinds. Also Sam got to try his first TAB soda. TAB? We sure it still ain’t the 90’s?

I then ran over to Brooklyn Bowl to catch my friends Brendan and Jackson of the Playboys of the Western World, covering a bunch of yacht rock songs (Michael McDonald, Toto, Christopher Cross). I blown away. They’re twins, but one is playing leftie and the other rightie guitar. Then they’d rip the same identical Steely Dan lick. It was like there was a trippy mirror between them. Interestingly, I came back to Brooklyn Bowl the next night to see my friends in Class Actress. Sexy. And Chairlift played later, who have that iPod commercial. They were good, but outside of that one iPod song, they reminded me of Avatar.

Original California Taqueria – 187 Court St (btwn Congress St & Wyckoff St) Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jason Lam meets Baby Cormac

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  1. Melissa C.

    That’s not L.A. style Mexican food, I’m sorry Jason they lied to you.


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