Walked around with Matt & Sam and ran into a $10 Burger & Beer lunch special at Lillie’s. I’ve seen this place before and was always too intimidated by how fancy it looks, but we took a chance. I ordered my burger medium-rare, Matt had his rare. The cute waitress asked if she should just bring out the cow live. That’s the kind of playful waitress flirting that makes a man feel attractive. I bet so many guys walk away thinking she’s into them.

The burger was okay and came with plenty of fries. With a Stella, it’s a pretty good burger & beer deal. You don’t even have to get a burger. You can get a Grilled Ham & Cheese like Sam.

Lillie’s Victorian Bar & Restaurant – 13 E 17th St (btwn 5th Ave & W Union Sq) New York, NY 10003

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