A few weeks ago, I met up with my artist friends at Khary’s monthly Drink + Draw. Birthday boy, Keith drew a rad picture of me eating a lion. It’s fuckin rad. After, we went and got me a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. Only a few days earlier, I noticed they had a $1.49 Happy Meal special (Thursday nights) –at the same time, a young man walked up to the McDonald’s glass window and spat on it. He seemed so angry at the restaurant. He smelled like patchouli.

It was my first Happy Meal in about 25 years. Pretty decent deal at regular price for under $3. It came with an Avatar, the Last Airbender trading card and toy. I don’t know what the toy is supposed to do, but Michael figured it out.

Only ten minutes later, I ate a KFC Double Down. I don’t know. Not enough bread?

Jason Lam Eats a Lion by Keith Conroy

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  1. Robyn

    That drawing is AWESOME. That’s exactly what I envision when I think “Jason eating a lion.”


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