Met up with friends at the Ponderosa Stomp concert at Lincoln Center yesterday. Seemed like they were really into The Gories and DEATH, whereas I was blown away from Question Mark and the Mysterians. I didn’t know who they were, but I felt like I always knew that singer …in my soul. I felt bad when people only stood up and danced to their hit song “96 Tears“, because they were so awesome throughout.

After, Suzy & the Baltimore girls and I looked for some food and ended up at Mariella Pizza. There was a sign that said Oprah & Gayle discovered that this pizza was only a few steps from their office (VIDEO). It was pretty much standard New York pizza. Large, fresh by the slice and greasy.

We all felt pretty good after the slices and headed to the afterparty at Hotel Empire. I almost didn’t get in because of my sneakers. I guess I could’ve worn high heels like that one time at the Grand Central Station fancy bar. Some dancing, some drinking. There was a girl there that I couldn’t tell if I thought she was attractive because she was wasted or because I was wasted.

Mariella Pizza – 151 E 60th St (btwn 3rd & Lexington Ave) New York 10022

I should have stuck with Suzy and the gang. They ended up at Great Jones Cafe where Question Mark and the Mysterians played a late night secret show. I ended up going home eating a can of peas.

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  1. Sam Shady

    I didn’t know who ? and they Mysterians were until I saw VH1’s 100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders. Then it all made sense. He was symbols before Prince.

  2. Suzy Q

    The show was awesome! I couldn’t believe Question Mark hung out so late!


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