Friday July 9th is Cow Appreciation Day and Chick-fil-A is giving away 750 chicken sandwiches in NYC 10am-1pm on their double decker bus. Follow their Twitter for hints. Or I guess you can find them exactly on FourSquare. Here’s hoping I get lucky and it’s right outside my work on an air conditioned sidewalk. Otherwise, I’m going to have to redeem that NYU Chick-express sandwich my roommate owes me.

UPDATE: 1st 300 sandwiches at Natural History Museum @ 11am. Show up early for tickets. And probably a stop in Midtown.

Everyone else outside of NY, you can dress up as a cow at your Chick-fil-A. Fully dressed gets a free meal. Partially dressed gets a free entree. You can download and printout some masks on their site –

…thanks Toddles for the tip!

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  1. Bonnie

    Oops, I forgot. I guess I better pay up, don’t want you to have to send your goons after me.


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