Met up with Yoshie, Sam and Rob at the new Totto Ramen a few weeks ago in Midtown. It’s a tiny little place and therefore long waits. Yoshie gave up our table a few times because we were late. Then as I got an important food blog related phone call when our table was ready. I ran out to talk and several minutes later Sam runs out to say we have to order or they’ll kick us out. Okay, I’ll have the chicken one! They have several chicken ones! Oh, get me the creamy one! I don’t know what the creamy one is! Dang, get me shio miso! …I thought I probably sounded food smart by saying “shio miso” over the phone, but turns out that “shio miso” is two different things.

They ordered me the creamy chicken one. It was alright. Better to read Yoshie’s review.

Totto Ramen – 366 W 52nd St (btwn 8th & 9th Ave) Manhattan, NY 10019

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