A couple weeks ago, Rusty was heating up some leftovers and it smelled real good. I looked in the pot and it look like a mess. Turned out to be Chicken with taco seasoning mixed with mashed potatoes. When we were trying to decide what to eat the other day, I really wanted that. So he made some and we put it on hard taco shells –a smear of the taco chicken meat, then a layer of mashed potatoes, and topped off with more taco chicken meat. I thought it was pretty good. Then we tried it without the mashed potatoes and it was a lot better.

The leftovers, we just dumped the rest of the chicken and potatoes in a pan. The next day we added more chicken and a can of corn. Put it on a slice of wheat bread, throw on some hot sauce. It was so redneck and really good.

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