Today, I stumbled upon the Puerto Rican State Parade and Festival of New York on Graham Ave (aka Avenue of Puerto Rico). So I stopped into New Mexico Place (where I once tried to get a pork ear taco) for a Pork Quesadilla, Chorizo Huarache and a couple of Coronas (all $3.50 each) to watch the parade out the window. I think their best thing is the complimentary house made chips and salsa. It tastes like they were recently fried.

The parade started off with the young military group, Sun of Justice Cadets Inc. They looked pretty rad when they did their chant. And they had big rifles that made me tingle when I walked right by them on the sidewalk earlier and it was pointing right at me and a pregnant girl’s belly. Their Myspace address on their banner seems to be a Michael Jackson Tribute page.

Next, was an Alba Driving School banner, followed by 30 cars with loud music blasting out the open doors. That was basically the whole parade. The coolest car was the one that made rooster sounds.

At the end was Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels. I felt like Curtis looked a little wary when he saw me. I’m sure I looked sorta suspicious hanging out of a Mexican restaurant window with my camera pointing at him and his boy …and from where I was, it might not look like a camera. He started texting something on his phone and so I pointed my camera away, because I got nervous. Then he waved at me and now we’re friends (…see video below).

New Mexico Place – 189 Graham Ave (btw Meserole & Scholes St) Brooklyn 11206
…By the way, I know Puerto Rican and Mexican food are not the same thing 🙂

Puerto Rican State Parade 21010 Brooklyn – Photo & Video Montage

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