I came across this Polish restaurant on Google Maps when I was looking for something to eat near the new rehearsal space (Rock It Music) we were trying out. It led me to this only review on Zagat: “The food here is very expensive. The meat is usually uncooked or rotten. There is a cat running back and forth usually with a mouse in its mouth. I don’t think its a good idea to have dinner with someone in this restaurant.” …Wow. I have to check this place out now.

There was a few older Polish men eating and watching the TV when I walked in. I ordered the White Borscht ($2.25) and Bigos/Hunter’s Stew ($6.25) from the lady at the counter. Then she calls it into the kitchen where an older Polish lady is cooking. Seeing her back there made me feel like I was about to get some good home-cooking. The food was decent and portions very large. A lot of mashed potatoes (made with instant flakes) everywhere and a  free cup of Kool-Aid! There was a lady near me eating a Pyza (stuffed big potato dumpling ball). I want to eat that.

I was so stuffed with my food and was only half way through. By this time, there was a big line of people waiting to order and I had no chance to grab a box from the busy lady. The food is not expensive, not bad and I never saw that cat or mouse. I wish I did. They could’ve helped me finish.

Restaurant Pyza – 118 Nassau Ave (btwn Eckford St & Mc Guinness Blvd) Brooklyn, NY 11222
…Yelp reviewers are much nicer.

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