Dang. Rik’s starring in a new Sprite commercial that aired last night during American Idol. I joined him and the family for Easter dinner where he showed me a rough cut of it. It’s really rad. Cheerleaders, kungfu guys and maybe a dolphin splashing into his head. Apparently Drake is another artist that’s doing the new Sprite Spark campaign. I felt pretty stupid because I asked who Drake was and still couldn’t figure it out after I had just seen him perform on the Grammys.

Nancy’s aunt prepared a lot of food for us. I was so stuffed, but couldn’t stop eating. Then Rik brought out his lasagna to top it off. I think he needed redemption from his doughy deep dish pizza pie last time. It was really good, Rik. Actually I liked the pizza too, but the lasagna was traditionally better.

I learned a lot of stuff that day. I learned a ton about pennies from Brady, learned the awesomeness of Gentlemen Broncos from Rik, and learned who Drake was from Hannah …he’s from Degrassi.

I can’t find the Rik Cordero/Sprite commercial yet, but here’s the Drake one that I see Rik co-directed.

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