I was craving a Cuban sandwich, but knew I wanted to try some place new and close to the office. So I headed over to Casa Havana in Chelsea, where they have a neon sign that says “Best Cuban Sandwich.” On the way there, there were two cracked out ladies with huge asses walking in front of me. They kept sweet talking all the men they passed, like walking up to them and saying, “You know you want a piece of this” and laughing really hard in their face. I was afraid I was going to be harassed when I passed them and braced myself. But they didn’t say anything to me. I felt a little offended.

Casa Havana’s Cuban sandwich ($5.75) is pretty good. The pork isn’t spilling out like at Margon or Cibao, but it’s the cleanest Cuban I’ve ever ate. Not too greasy, well-pressed. The ingredients were nicely proportioned. I wouldn’t say it’s a better tasting sandwich than Margon or Cibao, but I definitely felt lighter and more clear-headed afterwards.

Casa Havana – 190 8th Ave (btwn 19th & 20th St) New York, NY 10011

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