Met up with friends for brunch at Wombat (where we got the $13 lobsters). They have some interesting items on the menu like Stuffed French Toast and Duck Hash, for which I went for the latter. Not too bad, but maybe not enough salt. Then I realized how much salt I kept adding. I wonder what that says about what I normally eat.

I was worried all morning about my band’s new album cover …if I can get the rights to the artwork. Then a man selling African carved/leather animals on the street came up to our table. I saw it right there. A deer that looked totally stoned. Turns out my photographer friend saw that guy too and really wanted to take a photo of that same deer. So now I got the deer and the photographer. The world works in mysterious ways.

Wombat – 613 Grand St (btwn Lorimer & Leonard) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Laura from brunch sent me her Zampa diet chart. I’m not sure what she said about it and why she said she was going to send it. I think my mind was occupied with the African leather deer.

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