Matt and I intended to cook up some nice steaks from the Union Square farmer’s market, but his go-to vendors were missing on this particular day. So instead we walked over to Heartland Brewery to try the HB Burger that Nick Solares from A Hamburger Today raved about. Story goes that this burger got high marks at the Midtown HB Burger, also owned by Heartland Brewery. A lot of hubbub over bringing the same quality burger to Union Square. Renovations to the kitchen later, the same burger is now there. And I thought you could just cook up anything in any regular old pan.

We both agreed it was a great burger. I’m quite surprised, because I usually think of Heartland as a higher-end Applebees. It had a nice char outside and quite a bit of saltiness, which I don’t think is a bad thing. Super juicy on the inside. Matt ordered his rare and I got it medium-rare. As you can see in the photos, there wasn’t much difference. Yes, this is a very good burger. We were quite pleased. Now I know what to get if I’m ever stuck at Heartland Brewery.

Heartland Brewery – 35 Union Sq New York, NY 10003

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