Every time I only notice the Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs at Jimmy’s after I’ve selected my four items over rice. This time I saw it right before I was picking my last one –just in time. Sadly, it’s not all that great as a deep fried hard boiled egg sounds. The outer fried layer is similar to fried tofu texture, which I don’t like. Maybe if it was battered or breaded, then fried like chicken. I would eat that. Then I can wonder which came first, the fried chicken or the fried egg? …I’m stupid.

…Oh yeah, I guess my idea would be like this Caribbean-style Yukon Egg Ball I’ve eaten in Jamaica, Queens.

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  1. UltraClay

    No. 7 in Fort Greene has a deep fried -soft- boiled egg, which isn’t quite as life-changing as it should be, but is still pretty great.

  2. nani

    you need to try a thai “son in law” egg, best deep fried soft yolk egg i’ve ever had.


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