We had pre-karaoke dinner at Natural Tofu. It’s interesting that there’s also BCD Tofu House on the same block. You get the usual Korean (banchan) side dishes, but the fish on the side is the some of the best I’ve had at a Korean restaurant. I believe it’s smelt and has a very fishy flavor. Much more interesting than the usual fried fishes. There’s some darker meat close to the head that shook me up with a strong oily flavor, similar to cod fish oil. I wonder if you can just order complimentary fish & side dishes, because that’s mostly what I like and just want to eat.

I ordered the Natural Tofu hot bowl + beef short ribs. The menu says you can get it “vagetarian”, but I went with the combination instead. You have to be quick and crack the egg into the hot bowl right when you get. I’m always too slow because I’m taking photos and the egg never really seems to cook. I don’t know about these tofu hot bowls (in general). It’s never as exciting or flavorful as it looks. Disappointing for being the entree. The beef short ribs were really tasty though.

Then karaoke at Duet 35. Lot’s fun. You can ask for the Jesus fish tambourine at the desk.

Natural Tofu – 34 W 32nd St (2nd floor, btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10001
Karaoke Duet 35 -  53 W 35th St (2nd floor, btwn 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas) New York, NY 10001

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