Todd’s been learning how to make his grandmother’s potato blintzes and I get to eat them the next day.  She scoffed at him over the phone because he partially used potato flakes. I still thought they were really good. But apparently, his grandma’s blintzes are much better. Keep at it, Todd …because I’ll still eat the trials and tribulations.

Todd: “…watching her cook was like watching an assembly line worker at a factory.  yeah, she’s russian…from an area near the border of mongolia (which is why she looks kinda asian).  i know she learned how to make them from her grandmother back in russia.  they’re a popular item at our family dinners/holiday meals.  umm, when cooking the blintzes, she flips them with her fingers.”

A glimpse at the real deal …All I can think about is if she still gets TV on that small old analog set on the counter. The FCC, making all old kitchen televisions obsolete.

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