Aaron brought over this bottle of ghost chile pepper hot sauce a few weeks ago for the Final Four. I always thought of Melinda’s as a pretty tame brand, so I was surprised they made something like this –with bhut jolokia (aka the hottest pepper in the world). We got scared when the tiniest drops started to get mixed in with the ketchup for our tator tots. Super nice burn and very addictive.

I grabbed a bottle for $9.75 at Dual Specialty Store (91 1st Avenue between 6th & 5th St in Manhattan), right underneath those upstairs Indian restaurants. There’s like two or three displays advertising this hot sauce at the register. Must be one of their biggest sellers. I haven’t stopped using this sauce all week. I can’t stop. Rusty and I agree that it doesn’t mess up our stomach like a lot of other hot sauces. Maybe it’s because we use such a small amount that it’s contained mostly in our mouth and never really hit our insides. Rusty also thinks it would help him wake him up in the morning with just a drop on his pee-pee. We’ll have to see.

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