Went to Pavement’s Wowee Zowee (33 1/3) book launch party with Kevin & Kate Wednesday night. It was interesting hearing the author’s perspective on my favorite band of all time. I took away a few good ideas. Grabbed a lamb gyro pita sandwich around the corner at Mediterranean Shawarma. The guy really loaded it up with that lamb meat off the vertical spit. I don’t think it was good food, but it was good drunk food ($5). Then went to Adam’s workshop and jammed with the gang. I haven’t randomly jammed in years. I forgot how fun that was.

Those good ideas I came up with, I forgot them after a huge styrofoam cup of Bud at Call Box Lounge. Here’s a new idea. A little notepad to help remember the stupid shit I think of when I’m drunk. Or an iPad.

Mediterranean Shawarma (@ Noble St) – 849 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn 11222

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