Based on recommendations from friends like UltraClay, I decided to finally try Waldy’s for their wood fired pizza. They’re right on. It’s some good high end pizza, counter service style. Sam and I split a small braised lamb and a mushroom pizza at $9 each. Quality toppings and nice char on the bottom.

I haven’t had a pizza shaped like that before. Closest thing was the pizza I ate in New Haven that my band almost broke up over. We drove up there to play with Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at Bar Night Club, where they offered us two squarish-circle shaped pies. I was interested in getting one with all the weird stuff like mashed potatoes, little neck clams and a maybe four/five more toppings. Somehow that became a big deal and we almost broke up over mashed potato pizza. Instead we got really drunk and played really loud and bad.

Waldy’s – 800 6th Ave (btwn 27th & 28th St) New York NY 10001

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  1. Tio Wally

    Squarish-circle shaped pies? Wouldn’t that be some sort of oval, an oviform, if you will?

    Also, I thought the ‘Corn’s forté was playing loud and bad. Am I missing something?

    Lastly, I saw the ad/video and my first thoughts were: Did you go to the doctor? Are you still losing weight, or is it that the other guy is that big? They say the camera adds 20 lbs. If so, you’re a few pounds short. And short, but the camera can’t add that.

    So do tell: I want height, weight, and the name of your doctor.


    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Maybe those New Haven pizzas are the same shape as Waldy’s –ovalish. I was too drunk to remember.
      I think it was the skinny jeans that make me look that way. In actuality, my thighs are huge …like Apollo Anton Ohno.

  2. Tearrie


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