My upstairs neighbor, Ken, kindly let me try some cupcakes from Pinisi Bakery in the East Village. There’s a Beet Flour & Tapioca cupcake with Tofu & Vanilla icing, a Red Velvet cupcake and holy dang –a Ghost Pepper Chocolate cupcake (See this video to watch some crazy dude eat a Ghost Peppper, aka Bhut Jolokia, aka world’s hottest pepper). Rumor has it that some guy threw up after eating this spicy cupcake because no one warned him what it was.

I had some spicy pepper fans to taste. We all agreed the Ghost Pepper Chocolate cupcake wasn’t overly spicy …I suppose because we could eat it in the first place.  However, it did leave a nice lingering Bhut Jolokia-flavored burn in the mouth. We all really dug it. Well worth $3.

Pinisi Cafe & Bakery – 128 E 4th St (btwn 1st & 2nd Ave) New York 10003

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