The IFC party at Santos Party House started off with some mac & cheese and sandwiches with some mystery meat …at least I couldn’t figure out what it was. Fitting for Food Party. Florida alumns, Gators!, kicked off the music with some Gainesville soccer-punk Burrito Bros style. They apparently made the theme for the new season of Dinner with the Band. Things got crazy with Bad Brilliance. His head popped at the end. Then things got nutz when CX KiDTRONIK took the stage. As you can see in the video, Thu Tran is a wild one.

Two concert posts in two days? What am I, the new BrooklynVegan? But the opposite of vegan?

New episodes of Food Party & Dinner with the Band premiere April 27 at 10pm. I screened some of these episodes and Food Party is frickin nutzo. If you don’t know, It’s like a fucked up food show version of Pee Wee’s Playhouse …but weird. Check it out.

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