I liked how this says “Superior Soup”

Name: Fuku Superior Soup Instant Noodles
Brand: Fuku
Cost: less than $1
Package: Brick of dry ramen and seasoning pack
Cooking: The instructions were confusing. Put noodles in 450ml of boiling water or let it simmer in 500ml of boiling water. Which is it? I added dumplings.
Results: Very buttery tasting. My roommate thought the apartment smelled like popcorn. Maybe my belly was full of beer already, but this thing was very filling. The noodles seemed to have expanded a lot. I could only eat about a half of it. I don’t think the soup was superior, just very buttery.

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  1. Fruity

    Can just add the powder mixture into uncooked noodles, and just shake it even inside the bag. Best tasting little treat.


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