After walking out of Avatar and stumbling around the East Village trying to figure out if I could still see 3D, I met up with Raphael and Marcellus for a late lunch at Cafe Mogador. It’s one of their favorite restaurants in New York. Marce loves the cappucino. It was fancy looking. The pita had the best texture I’ve ever had. Nothing too special with the Chicken Tagine w/ Charmoulla (spicy green sauce), until I put some Harrisa (Moroccan hot sauce) on it. Spiced it up.

The actor who plays the new Spock and the villain from Heroes was there. I turned my head and saw him and then he looked back at me. I freaked out and looked away …I think because I instinctively thought he was going to kill me.

By the way, anyone else see Avatar yet? I was sitting in the aisle seat and an old lady with dreads walked up the steps and scared the shit out of me. She was in the 3D!

Cafe Mogador – 101 St Marks Pl (btwn 1st Ave & Avenue A) New York, NY 10009

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  1. kim

    What did you think of the hummus? The last time I tried, it was saltier than I would like it to be. The pita was alright. Store bought I’m sure.

    I saw Avataar, but not the 3D version. The story was meh. I only went for the special effect really. Did you like the movie?

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      I thought the hummus was just average, but I really did like the pita bread. The hummus with the harissa hot sauce on the bread was good.

      I didn’t like Avatar. I just wanted to see something in 3D. I thought the movie was going to end when the blue guys were defeated and walking away from their home in destruction behind them, but it went on for another hour.


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