The last time I was in Sunset Park, I had some delicious ice cream from No. 1 Ice Cream. This time I didn’t remember where it was and none of us had one of those hi-tech phones. When we were walking back to the subway, Todd points out “No. 1 Ice Cream” but at a different location. I don’t know if the old one moved or they opened another branch, but it was the same business because they gave me the same buy x, get 1 free stamp card.

This is the first time I’ve seen durian ice cream in stock. It looks harmless like vanilla, but stinks like a witch. When they scooped it out and put it on the counter, the teens across the room were all like “eww, stinky!” Yeah, it smelled strong. I would say like a rotten green vegetable. I tried my friends’ taro and green tea ice cream first by sticking my spoon into theirs, but all I could taste was mine. Just the little bit of the durian residue on the spoon was enough to overpower theirs. My friends couldn’t even taste their ice creams after they tasted mine. I thought the durian tasted like strong over-ripe stinky melon. I got used to it as time went on, but then came to a point when I wondered why I was trying to finish it.

I saw some real durian fruit at the super-market afterwards. Tempted to buy one, but decided that I had my durian fill for the day after my constant stinky durian burps.

No. 1 Ice Cream – 6410 8th Ave. Sunset Park Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Nikki S

    Now just imagine a family of five on a motorbike with a string of ten durians trailing behind them. Ahh, Indonesia.

    • Penny K.

      hahaha, yes, Indonesians do love durian. Once in my exchange year I brought a durian in my class as a part of cultural-event-presentation-whatever thingy. I successfully got all attention 😀

  2. marthagrace

    I was wondering what had happened to this place since the old location looked shuttered. Now I know, and I can satisfy my cravings for (non-durian) ice cream – thanks!


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