Headed down to Sunset Park with Todd and Audrey to eat some dim sum and so Todd could pick up his childhood lunch box from a guy’s trunk. The East Harbor Seafood Palace is a large and crowded banquet hall. I tried to teach my friends what to listen out for when they call our number in Chinese –“sup ee ho.” Then after a 20 minute wait, they called our number in English –“12!”

For only $12 each after tip, we ate pretty well including a couple of beers. I was surprised they ate the Chinese chicken feet with me. I was also surprised Todd wanted and already knew about the turnip cake, “lo bak go.” He might be as Chinese as me. Or more likely, I’m as white as him.

East Harbor Seafood Palace – 714 65th St (btwn 7th & 8th Ave) Sunset Park/Dyker Heights Brooklyn, NY 11220

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