Rusty and I were walking around Grand & Union for food when we ran into a friend. We said “hi” and then she introduced us to her friend as “weird guys.” Then I started acting even really weird …I’m not sure if intentional. They recommended the Mexican restaurant, Elote, right around the corner. So we went.

From the outside, Elote looks like a real Mexican hangout with the beer special posters on the window. In actuality, it’s very much a hipster joint. $11 brunch special comes with a cocktail. My pulled pork sandwich was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Nice to sit in the sun out back and enjoy some brunch. I can’t wait for the rest of the Spring.

Going back to being weird. I get why she might have said that, but wasn’t that more weird to introduce us as that? It really got to me though. I felt like it destroyed my new mindset of confidence that I’ve been building the past few years. …Then I realize what if I didn’t run into her or didn’t know her –I wouldn’t have felt down on myself at all. So it has nothing to do with me, right? Meaning I shouldn’t make this random encounter my identity.  And what if I just thought it was funny, which I initially thought until I dwelled on it? It was all in my own perception. I decide for myself how I feel and if I want to be weird. And that’s my self-therapy of the day. New self-development/food blog? …Me So Positive

Elote – 366 Union Ave (btwn Grand St & Hope St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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